The Link

Think you know quiz shows? They’re all pretty much the same, right? Err, not anymore. The Link is a quiz show where you have to think different. Literally. You don’t win just by getting the questions right, but by working out what links the answers.

To come out on top and take home the cash on The Link you need general knowledge skills, great linking powers, some clever tactics and a nice little side order of luck.

Here’s how it plays out

Round One: Three teams are faced with six cash pods, each containing different amounts of cash. The more money in the cash pod, the more links securing it. The sooner a team works out the ‘connection’ on a card, the more links they can cut. So, for example, if a team works out the connection on the card after Question 1 they can cut four links of their choice. Solve it after Q2 and cut three links. At Q3 they get two cuts and only one cut by Q4. If a team cut all the links holding a cash pod up, the pod drops and the money shoots into their bank at light speed. The two teams who bank the most cash go forward to Round Two.

Round Two: The two remaining teams are faced with two mega cash pods, each secured by seven links. The money inside each of these pods is the money banked by that team in Round One. Teams can choose how hard they want they cards in this round. Choose easy, get it right and get fewer cuts. Choose harder and get more cuts. The more desperate you are the more risks you will have to take. The first team to free their cash pod goes through to the final round.

Round Three: This is a race against time. The money you banked, plus a bonus amount if you complete the entire round before the time runs out, is at stake. You’ve got 60 seconds. Get the connection right and the clock is stopped and you win a chunk of money. You can walk away with that money or play on. If you play on and run out of time, you lose everything. Make it to the end of the chain before 60 seconds is up and you go home with the maximum jackpot.

And that’s The Link. Everyone who has played it so far loves it but don’t take our word for it, the proof of The Link pudding is in the playing. Have a go and discover for yourself just how addictive, tactical, fun, fresh and different The Link is.

The Link is a co-production between Scottish Television productions and LTV. LTV is a division of Tuvalu Entertainment Ltd. This show will air on BBC1 in May 2014 and is distributed globally by Warner Bros. International Television Distribution.

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